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Eve Gumpel

October 20, 2016

Hi my name is Eve Gumpel, and my company is Good Writing Matters. I chose Don to help me with my website, because the one I had needed to be responsive, and I knew she would do a great job at an affordable price, and I know she could help me with my search engine optimization. That’s already proved to work, because less than 2 weeks after the site went up, someone found me on the internet, and hired me to do some work. I’m hoping for more of that to keep happening, and expecting for more of that to keep happening as the site is up longer.She also did a great job of cleaning up things that were sort of awkward about my old website, and made it more user-friendly. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments since it went live. One of my business associates liked my website so much he hired Don to do this website.
Don was great to work with. She sat down with me, and explained what I was missing on my website, what I needed to add to my website in terms of plugins and other things like that. After the site went live, she took the time to train me on how to do everything on the backend, so that when something goes wrong, or when I need to add something or change something, I don’t have to holler for help. So far I’m just really pleased with the process.

Eve GumpelGood Writing Matters-Owner