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Rickie Moore

December 5, 2016

Hi I’m Rickie, and my company is Coast View Plumbing. We’ve been in business for 29 years, and of those 29 years, we didn’t have a website or any kind of online presence for about 27 of those years. But then realized I better come, and update myself into the real world. So I reached out to Don at Neo Design Concepts, and said “Help me, please Don”. So she said, “Yes, I’ll help you”. So I provided her with some background components, and she did the rest in which I needed someone professional to help me, because I had no idea what I was doing. Therefore, I also needed somebody who I can trust. Don is completely trustworthy, capable, and she’s fun to work with. So look at me. I can’t believe I’m saying that building a website was actually fun.

Rickie MooreCoast View Plumbing- President