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Apple’s CEO Encourages Ethical Technology Development

Apple’s CEO Encourages Ethical Technology Development

June 12, 2017

Annually, this is the season for young graduates to step into responsible adulthood and apply their education in ways that bring value and benefit not only themselves, but their communities and the world in which we all live. Universities across the country hold graduations and invite successful entrepreneurs, profound scholars, and key figures to deliver thought provoking commencement speeches for each graduating class.

Apple’s CEO 2017 Commencement Address At MIT

In an era where we have a computer + phone + camera + video camera + navigation system + so much more, all packed in one small handheld device, to robots aiding physicians in surgery,  to data mining so targeted that it aided in altering an election, it is imminent that future innovators be mindful of the human factor in technologies they develop. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, delivered a conscientiously powerful commencement speech to MIT’s 2017 graduating class, reminding them to use their intellect and ingenuity to create innovative products or services that will serve all mankind and the environment, not just the few elite.  So use it purposefully to do good.

It was a much needed reminder to us all that technology has no moral or ethical codes. It is us humans that add conscience to machines we create. To the Class of 2017, pursue your dreams, but never forget the human factor of moral and ethical conduct in anything you do.  Let that be your guide in your vision to give your life purpose and help those less fortunate than yourselves. Congratulations on completing this step of your education. Go forth and make your mark by applying what you have learned to life and make the world a better place.