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Juliet Murphy

December 6, 2016

I met Don at a time when my business really needed a jolt as revenue was really low. I was somewhat baffled as every client I had was really pleased with my service but I just was not getting enough clients to keep me afloat. I was really stressed as the bills did not stop coming. I also wanted to do more with my website but wanted someone whom I could trust and someone who knew what I needed to do to get higher visibility on Google without charging an arm and a leg. I spoke with Don and she was very helpful. She was knowledgeable about websites and what I needed to improve my ranking. She was so patient and detailed, taking all the time to explain what could be done with my website.

We began by just updating my current site with the intent to create a more updated site later. Don helped me to improve my ranking to page 1 of Google targeting my ideal clients. The first month with my updated site, I tripled my monthly revenue. Since then Don is my website guru. We just finished this new site. I will not trust my website with anyone else. I highly recommend Neo Design Concept for all your web site needs.

Juliet MurphyJuliet Murphy Career Development - Owner